Introducing the Most Advanced AI-Powered Platform for Making Hybrid Work, Work.

Introducing the Most Advanced AI-Powered Platform for Making Hybrid Work, Work.

A Different Way Of Working
In the last four years, we’ve seen a metamorphosis in how we work, from radical, instant, and global digital transformation through fundamental changes in how we live, work, and connect. And we’re not going back to the way things were before. First, we’d lose all the incredible gains we made, and second, we now see even more potential for humanity as hybrid work becomes our normal.

But implementing hybrid work successfully is hard, and unfortunately, for many organizations, it is broken. Hybrid work is both different and harder than when most people worked in the office or when most people worked remotely.

And we know that, right now, you’re struggling with maintaining your company culture and engaging and building high-performing teams. The role of the office is still changing, and we’re still learning how to be inclusive when some people are in the office and others are not.

Artificial Intelligence For A Hybrid World
At Webex, we’re more committed than ever to helping our customers solve problems like these by helping you reimagine work, workspaces, customer experience, and IT. For the last four years, we’ve worked hard to enhance our portfolio and the underlying Webex platform by adding tools and features to help you navigate hybrid work.

But this year is different because we’ve added pervasive, generative Artificial Intelligence across the Webex platform that powers all of our solutions. We have reimagined and reinvented our portfolio to be AI-enabled, making Webex smarter, more efficient, and easier to use in every way.

At Webex, we’ve been leveraging AI for years, delivering immersive experiences across three main areas: Audio Intelligence, Video Intelligence, and Language Intelligence. Features like background noise removal, people focus, and automatic translations were just the start. But if there’s one thing about the Cisco Collaboration team, we never stop innovating. So now, we’re looking to the future – a future where AI is everywhere and in everything.

Introducing the AI Assistant
Today, I am excited to announce the Webex AI Assistant. This new AI Assistant can help you get caught up on a meeting you are late to in real-time, summarize an hour-long meeting recording into just a minute, or even identify and solve a customer support issue before it’s submitted. We have designed AI in the Webex platform to be low touch or even zero touch for many use cases. Plus, it’s seamlessly integrated into the tools you already love.

An assistant is only as good as its AI, and AI is only as good as its data. Leveraging audio data to populate a meeting summarization is worthless if the audio quality is too poor to be understood for the transcription. This is where our new Webex AI Codec comes in. By leveraging breakthrough technologies, we can deliver remarkable audio quality, even with poor network conditions, while using a fraction of the bandwidth. This is a true end-to-end solution for speech enhancement and highly resilient communications across the Webex platform. Similarly, our recently announced Super Resolution for video enables high-definition video even in low bandwidth conditions. But better audio and video quality are just the beginning.

With AI, most of the industry has focused on text inputs, which Large Language Models (LLMs) use to deliver enhancements like automatic transcription and translation. But richer information comes from audio and visual cues – like tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures. Non-text cues provide invaluable context around human interactions.

That’s why we have developed all-new Real-time Media Models (RMMs). These RMMs will take multiple audio and video streams and produce rich real-time insights – an industry first! The secret sauce behind AI Assistant is our ability to bring these three pillars of intelligence – audio, video, and language — powered by LLMs and our new RMMs — together into a single, incredible, and incomparable experience. A tremendous amount of data is required to enable these intelligent experiences, and with that comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. That is why Cisco utilizes a Responsible AI framework outlining our commitment to managing AI development in a way that augments our focus on security, privacy, and human rights.

Only Webex delivers on the hybrid work promise

Whether it’s boosting productivity and communication with the Webex Suite, making the office a magnet with Cisco Devices, or delivering connected, personalized experiences with our Webex Customer Experience solutions, Webex by Cisco is committed to helping our customers reimagine employee and customer experiences.

Years of AI innovations have led to a broad set of AI-powered features that are now fused into a single incredible experience in the AI Assistant. Built on the Webex Platform and extended across the Suite, the Webex Assistant delivers on our commitment to make hybrid work, work.

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