CCIE Collaboration

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Package Contents:

  1. Full Lab Topology
  2. Full Lab Workbook(.pdf)
  3. Virtual Lab Setup – Eve-ng (Not Available)
  4. Lab Initial Configuration
  5. Subscription 30 days
  6. Support & Service 30 days


The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) exam is a comprehensive and challenging certification process that assesses candidates’ skills and knowledge in various areas of networking. Here are key highlights of the CCIE exam:

1.Two-Step Process:

  • Written Exam: Tests theoretical knowledge.
  • Lab Exam: Assess practical skills in an 8-hour hands-on session.

2.Specialized Tracks:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure, Wireless, Data Center, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration and DevNet Expert.

3.Hands-On Lab:

  • Real-world scenarios on actual Cisco equipment.
  • Tasks include configuration, troubleshooting, and optimization.

4.Global Recognition:

  • Highly regarded worldwide, signifying expertise in networking.

5.Continuous Learning:

  • Recertification every two years.
  • Options include Continuing Education (CE) credits or retaking exams.

6.Real-World Simulations:

  • Mimics actual network configurations and challenges.

7.Troubleshooting Section:

  • Identifying and fixing network issues under time constraints.

8.Documentation Access:

  • Allowed during the lab exam.

9.Comprehensive Scoring:

  • Graded on task completion with partial credit for partial solutions.

10.Career Advancement:

  • Enhances career prospects and earning potential.

It’s crucial to check the official Cisco and legacy Cert websites for the most up-to-date information on CCIE exam formats, requirements, and any changes to the certification process.


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