CCNP-Data-Center-300-620 DCACI

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Here are key highlights for the 300-620 DCACI certification:

The 300-620 DCACI exam assesses your ability to implement Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solutions for data center networking.

2.Exam Topics:

  • ACI Architecture and Fundamentals.
  • ACI Fabric Initialization and Discovery.
  • ACI Networking.
  • ACI External Connectivity.
  • ACI Fabric Policies and Integrations.
  • ACI Management, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting.

3.Exam Format:
The exam typically includes multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop items, and simulations to evaluate your knowledge and skills in implementing ACI.

There are no formal prerequisites for the 300-620 DCACI exam, but Cisco recommends a good understanding of data center technologies and concepts at the professional level.

5.Experience Needed:
Cisco recommends having hands-on experience in implementing ACI solutions and a deep understanding of data center technologies.

6.Training Resources:
Cisco provides official training materials, including courses, books, and online resources, to help candidates prepare for the exam.

Cisco certifications are typically valid for three years. To recertify, candidates can pass a current core exam or any one of the concentration exams within the same certification track.

8.Documentation Focus:
Familiarity with Cisco’s official ACI documentation, configuration guides, and best practices is crucial.

9.Network Programmability:
Understanding network programmability and automation concepts may be beneficial, especially in the context of ACI.


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