CCNP-DevNet-350-901 DEVCOR

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Here are key highlights of the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification in a brief format:

1.Developer and Network Automation Expertise:
DevNet Professional certification validates advanced skills in software development, automation, and programmability in a Cisco environment.

2.Core Exam:
Core exam (e.g., 350-901 DEVCOR) covers core software development and design skills.

3.Concentration Exams:
Choose concentration exams based on specific areas of expertise within the DevNet track.

4.Real-World Relevance:
Certification is designed for professionals creating applications and automated workflows for Cisco platforms.

5.Exam Formats:
Exams include multiple-choice questions, simulations, and hands-on scenarios.

7.Preparation Resources:
Cisco provides official training, study materials, and practice exams for exam preparation.

A solid understanding of software development and network fundamentals is recommended.

10.Career Advancement:
DevNet Professional certification enhances career opportunities in roles involving network automation and software development.

Certification is valid for three years, requiring recertification through exams or Continuing Education (CE) credits.

12.Continuous Learning:
Certifications evolve with emerging technologies, emphasizing ongoing learning for DevNet professionals.

Always check the official Cisco website for the latest details on the DevNet Professional certification, including exam formats, prerequisites, and recertification requirements.


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