CCNP-Enterprise-300-435 ENAUTO

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Here are key highlights for the 300-435 ENAUTO certification:

The certification focuses on assessing your ability to implement and automate Cisco enterprise solutions using programmability and automation tools.

2.Exam Topics:

  • Network programmability foundation.
  • APIs and their use.
  • Cisco DNA Center.
  • Cisco SD-WAN.
  • Cisco Meraki.
  • Network device programmability.

3.Exam Format:
The exam typically includes multiple-choice questions and simulations to assess your knowledge and practical skills in automating Cisco enterprise solutions.

Official Cisco documentation and programmability guides are essential for exam preparation.
Cisco DevNet offers learning resources, sandboxes, and training materials for candidates.

5.Experience Needed:
Practical experience in automating Cisco solutions using programmability tools and APIs is crucial for success in this exam.

6.Documentation Focus:
Familiarity with Cisco’s programmability and automation documentation, including RESTful APIs, Python scripting, and automation workflows.

7.Development Tools:
Knowledge of tools such as Postman, Git, and Ansible for automation and programmability.

8.Practice Labs:
Hands-on experience with programmability tools and labs can enhance your skills and confidence for the exam.

Cisco certifications typically have a validity period, and candidates may need to recertify by passing a current exam or fulfilling other recertification requirements.


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